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10 Legit Online Casinos in the Philippines That Use GCash

Filipinos are becoming increasingly interested and engaged in online casinos in recent years. Many players enjoy the convenience of playing their favorite games from the comfort of their homes through the internet.

Despite the ease of access to online games, one of the players' main concerns is the security and reliability of the available payment options. That's where GCash comes in.

This article will reveal you the top ten legit online casinos in the Philippines that accept GCash, how to make bets using this payment option, and ways to secure your money during and after playing.

Why Use GCash for Online Casinos?

When you search for online payment methods in the Philippines, you will surely encounter GCash. This mobile wallet is the most used in the country, according to Statista.

Gcash's user-friendly interface allows for comfortable payment for various goods and services, including online casino transactions. There are many advantages to using it for online casino transactions, such as:

  • Convenience: With GCash, depositing and withdrawing money from your online casino account using your mobile phone is made in a few taps—no need to carry cash or credit cards. What’s more, you can make transactions day or night.

  • Security: GCash uses advanced security measures to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure. It also has procedures to ensure the accuracy of your transactions to avoid unintentional loss of your money.

  • Speed: GCash transactions are processed immediately, so you can start playing your favorite casino games immediately.

Online Casinos That Accept GCash

Here are some websites that offer legit games using GCash:

  1. FC178 - This trusted online casino that accepts GCash and offers a wide range of exciting and enjoyable games, including slots, sports betting, and table games. It also has a generous welcome bonus and regular promotions for loyal players.

  2. 22Bet - specializes in betting on professional sporting events with friendly wagering requirements

  3. bet88 - takes pride in having a license from PAGCOR, the Philippine government agency acting as a regulator for casinos

  4. K9Win - showcases profitable bonuses and promotions and a vast game library.

  5. HellSpin Casino - has a VIP club for advanced and high-stake gamers.

  6. JILIKo - offers online sabong and runs several frequently updated promos.

  7. Lucky Block - one of the best sites for using cryptocurrencies in transactions

  8. W19 Games - one of the most recognized Filipino brands that accept the usual Filipino online payment methods

  9. EU9 - offers live dealer games that you can play using its mobile apps for iOS and Android

  10. PGasia - players enjoy multiple bonuses, including a refer-a-friend bonus.

What games can you win money through GCash?

You can use GCash to play different online casino games where you can win real money, including:

  • Slots - Online slot machines are a classic casino game where you spin the reels and try to match symbols to win money.

  • Roulette - In this game, you place bets on areas where a ball will land on a spinning wheel.

  • Blackjack - This online version of the card game is where you try to get a hand closer to 21 than the dealer.

  • Baccarat - In this game, you bet on which hand (player or banker) will have a higher value.

  • Poker - You can play many different variations of poker online, and they all involve betting and trying to make the best hand possible.

  • Sports Betting - You can also use GCash to bet on sports events, such as basketball, football, and horse racing.

  • Online sabong (cockfighting) - Some websites also offer a virtual version of this sports betting game, which is popular in the Philippines

When playing these games, keep in mind that they are games of chance, which means there is no guarantee that you will win. To avoid wasting your money, you should play responsibly and only bet an amount of money that you can afford to lose.

How to Use GCash in Online Casinos?

GCash makes online casino transactions easy, convenient, and safe. Here's a guide to help you start using this mobile wallet as your payment method:

  • Download the GCash app on your mobile phone and create an account, which you can skip if you already have one.

  • Fund your GCash wallet. You can link it to your bank account or deposit cash at a GCash partner outlet or cash-in machines near you.

  • Select an online casino that accepts GCash as a payment method.

  • Register for an account with the online casino and choose GCash as your preferred payment option.

  • Enter the amount you want to deposit or withdraw and confirm the transaction.

  • You will receive a notification on your GCash app once the transaction is successful.

Just like that, you can now start playing your favorite casino games!

Tips for Safe and Secure Online Casino Transactions

Playing your favorite online casino games is very convenient, but you should take steps to ensure that your transactions are safe and secure. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Double- or triple-check the terms and conditions before registering with an online casino. Make sure you fully understand the rules and regulations regarding deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses.

  • Ensure you only play in a legit online casino before making any transactions. Find out if a reputable regulatory authority licenses the casino. Take time to check if it has good reviews from other players.

  • Keep your personal and financial information secured with a strong password and enable two-factor authentication on your GCash account.

  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks when making online casino transactions. Use a secure and private network instead.

  • Monitor your transactions regularly to ensure no unauthorized charges or suspicious activity.


GCash is a safe and convenient application to make payments for online casino websites in the Philippines. By just doing a few easy steps, you can start playing to make real money from online betting.

To make sure that your transactions are safe, you need to take steps to avoid getting scammed while playing online casino games using GCash. Another security measure is to play only in one of the legit Philippine online casinos, such as FC178 Casino.

FC178 is a duly registered online betting company in the Philippines that offers a wide variety of games catering to Filipinos. Aside from the classic casino games like slot machines, roulettes, poker, and baccarat, it also offers sports betting opportunities that are part of the Philippine culture, like online sabong and NBA and PBA betting.

Create your account now to start playing using GCash.

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