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Cockfighting, also known as "Sabong" is a popular entertainment activity in the Philippines. The activity involves two trained roosters fighting in a specially designed arena, with the aim of defeating the other rooster. This activity has been observed in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, America, and Europe, and is a traditional and popular entertainment activity, particularly in the Philippines.

You don't need to go to a cockfighting arena to enjoy watching cockfights. With FC178, you can place bets on the rooster you think will win, making the game even more intense and exciting. When your chosen rooster wins, you can immediately withdraw your winnings through GCASH within 5 minutes!


FC178 serves our members best. We know you want to see the best cockfighting game and bet on it. FC178 cockfighting hall offers cockfight games to our members by DS88. Enjoy the game and win!

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To be a king of sabong, make money from online cockfighting. Learn from professionals from all over the world.

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